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Dr. Morford actually listened to me & understood my feelings & ideas.

Dr. Morford is always super friendly and helpful. She works with me to address my concerns and does a good job of explaining her diagnosis and treatment plans.

Speaking with Dr. Morford is always a pleasure. She is attentive and thoughtful to my needs and I really enjoy seeing her. She makes everything clear and easy to understand and is very respectful with her examinations of breasts/ pelvic areas. Thank you!

serving Durango since 2013
Board Certified in Family Medicine

Mandy Morford, M.D.


Comprehensive Care, Women’s Health, Pediatric / Adolescent Medicine, Mental Health, Family Planning


Medical College of Virginia, 1997


Oregon Health and Science University, 2000


Dr. Morford practiced Family Medicine previously in California.In 2005 she moved to the area and practiced medicine at the Southern Ute Health Center, then at Aztec Urgent Care.

Dr. Morford grew up in Santa Rosa California. She moved to Colorado in 2005 and has 3 beautiful daughters and multiple extended family members in Durango. She loves hiking, trail running and playing with her dogs. She aspires to travel to remote and underserved areas of the world to provide medical care. So far, she has served in refugee camps in Lesvos, Greece, the Roma population in Romania and multiple remote villages in Zambia.

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